IBA Chats with Livia Pinzari


Meet Livia Pinzari, CEO NoLie Communications

It may seem evident that lies are unacceptable when viewed from multiple perspectives.

If that is so simple, why would Livia Pinzari create a company called NoLie Communications? What could she be thinking?

Her reply: “Lies are expensive.” Marketing strategies based on the “truth” are the most effective and sustainable. A business owner spends a lot of money, time, and focus on building and marketing a product. That person could “spend a lot of money to build a lie that sells, but it takes a lot of money to keep it going too. Lies are expensive.”

“If you highlight the true benefits of your product and brand, your audience will support it and help you amplify it.” Transparency is the key.

Having earned a degree in Communications at La Sapienza University of Rome, Livia began her career in 2008. After working for fourteen years in digital advertising sales in New York, Australia, and Europe, Livia Pinzari decided the time was right to start her firm. Combining her experience, insights, and passion for best practices, she established NoLie Communications in 2017.

When the pandemic hit, she saw first-hand the impact of the market shifts directly on the online market, and she focused on helping brands adapt to the fast-changing environment. NoLie Communications grew and acquired new customers for their clients and the company. The pandemic accelerated the growth of e-commerce and increased the need for online services.

The objective of NoLie Communications is to help brands maximize their digital imprint through sustainable and scalable growth. They focus on the intersection of three elements: Brand Insights, Creative Potential, and Market Trends to enable firms to be smarter, faster, and more effective.

Since the inception of NoLie, Livia has been working with beauty brands. While working on the digital transformation of one of her earlier skincare clients, Livia met Gus Bezas, President of Global Strategic Development of Milbar Labs, who referred her to Lisa Thurman, co-founder of Amazing Cosmetics, both of whom are on the IBA Board of Directors and recommended she join, which she did. Since then, NoLie Communications has gotten other referrals within the beauty and skincare community.

Defining Digital Strategy, Marketing, eCommerce, CRM, and Advertising goals, while developing creative connections, NoLie Communications continues to build customized plans for brands based on their growth stage.

What words of advice would she offer newcomers to the beauty and skincare industry?

  • Determine what issue needs to be solved and find a solution. If you think your product or service would help you, it may help others.
  • Create your online presence now. Even if the path is not clearly defined and all components are not yet in place, start to build your online story. This will begin to attract interest and create a following. Your social media presence will build so you have customer attention when you are ready to launch.

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