Committees of the Board

Committees of the Board are smaller working groups comprised only of Board Members.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is empowered by the bylaws to make certain time-sensitive decisions and to ensure progress between the full meetings of the board, but does not have the full authority of the board. The Committee sets meeting agendas, charters committees, leads strategic planning, and other duties as designated by the Bylaws.


Audit and Finance Committee

The Audit and Finance Committee is responsible for recommending and working with the association’s independent auditing firm and accounting firm. The committee reviews the financial statements and works with association management to oversee financial transactions, budget, and cash position of the Association. The committee provides strategic direction for investment, works with the staff to develop the annual budget, and other responsibilities as defined by the Bylaws or designated by the Board.


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee solicits and receives recommendations and nominates candidates for membership on the Board. The committee is charged with succession planning of board and committee roles, and develops guidelines for Board composition including diversity, term limits, and committee chairs. The Nominating Committee ensures the eligibility of candidates, helps staff manage the board elections, and other responsibilities as defined by the Bylaws.


Advisory Committees

The Board of Directors and Chair from time to time establish advisory committees to give attention to specific matters, monitor industry issues and advise the board, or accomplish specific programs and projects.


Government & Public Relations Committee

The GPR Committee is responsible for monitoring legislation and advancing reasonable, science-based industry oversight as well as for communicating with and advocating for the indie beauty industry to legislators and the public. The Committee advises the Board of Directors on positions and assists with messaging.


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for supporting staff with member recruitment and renewal campaigns, engaging current members, assessing member needs and benefits, and supporting events and projects as needed.


Supply Chain and Sustainability Resources Committee

The SCSR Committee develops educational content and programming for newsletters, webinars, and conferences on relevant best practices, changes in legislation, and external resources. The Committee is responsible for monitoring emerging issues and leads advocacy efforts for regulations pertaining to ESG topics.


Sponsor & Revenue Growth Committee

The Sponsor & Revenue Growth Committee represents and assesses the needs of service provider members of IBA to develop sponsorship packages that are valuable and impactful. The committee actively recruits sponsors, develops new revenue streams through the creation of committee-led events or programs, and reviews potential partners with IBA’s President to assess the value to members.


Technical Regulatory Committee

The Tech-Reg Committee develops educational content and programming for newsletters, webinars, and conferences on relevant best practices and changes in regulation impacting cosmetic product formulation, labeling, and advertising. The Committee is responsible for advising the GPR Committee on the impact to IBA members from proposed regulatory changes to help craft advocacy strategy. The Committee works closely with the Government and Public Relations Committee to identify emerging issues.


Emeritus Advisory Committee

The Emeritus Advisory Committee is comprised of past Board Members to advise the President and Board Chair on past successes and failures and promote continuity while allowing for change. The committee assists the President and staff by connecting with lapsed members, recruiting new members through contacts in the industry, and acting as a resource for any other committee.


Task Forces

IBA Task Forces are cross-functional working groups comprised of advisory committee members that collaborate across multiple committees to accomplish specific projects.


Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

The D&I Task Force works with the Membership Committee, Nominating Committee, and Government & Public Relations Committee to advance diversity in association membership and leadership committees. The Task Force assesses needs and identifies gaps in the IBA’s member benefits unique to BIPOC-led companies. The Task Force identifies resources that can assist BIPOC-led companies and creates networking opportunities.