Our Mission

To foster the success of entrepreneurial companies in the independent cosmetic and personal care industries.

Our Values

To promote and maintain the highest legal and regulatory compliance standards, environmental sustainability, and ethical business practices.

What We Do

Education: First in class webinars, meetings, and curated content to bring you technical, regulatory, resources to help brands optimize compliance, safety, and quality to uphold the high standards that today’s consumers expect and deserve from our industry.

Member Services:  One on one direct consultations on specific key issues by industry experts. If we can’t help you directly, we will find someone who can help companies gain access to the global market through programs including; export certificates, responsible party representation, and preferred access to foreign suppliers with local expertise.

Reasonable Legislation: Our products have a long history of safe use. We help develop and support relevant regulations based on sound science. We frequently engage and educate legislators in situations that could lead to unnecessary business impact.  

Networking: Connecting every link in the supply chain from the brand to the manufacturer, supplier, retailer, and service providers involved in the beauty industry.