AAPI Heritage Month: Yasmin Khan


“You have to be open to the opportunities that come your way.”

Keywords from founder and CEO of Khalm Skincare, Yasmin Khan.

Expanding on her creative side, integrating prior work and life experiences, and developing a product line that honors her Asian roots, Yasmin Khan launched Khalm Skincare in 2020. 

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Yasmin moved with her parents to the United States when she was a youngster.  One of the things she recalls about her upbringing is the ever-present aroma from burning incense, which they used to celebrate major life events or even the start of the day.

Yasmin wanted to develop a unique skincare product line that offers wellness characteristics, could change the industry, and would present a real-life role model for her two daughters to see what entrepreneurship is.  In 2017, they conceived a skincare line using oud wood oil, which is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant.  Oud oil was the incense fragrance that filled her family home.

Oud wood oil comes from the agar tree which grows in dense jungles and forests near the equator, such as India and Vietnam.  They source their oud from plantations in Vietnam, where the wood oil has a sweeter fragrance than the woodsy aroma found in Indian oud.

She and her husband shared the commitment to secure EU compliance for their product line early and were fortunate to work with a consultant who helped formulate, source, brand, and pack their products at a facility outside of Paris.

The official launch of Khalm Skincare was in September 2020.  Since then, she has been building the business and targeting sales alongside her board of directors. This talented co-ed board consists of herself, Dr. Qamar Khan, AC Charania the Chief Technologist at NASA, Ashley Gould, a former executive from 23 & me, and Emily Roth an entrepreneur from Los Angeles. With an array of experience and talents, this board is rooted in strong values and strives to take Khalm to the next level through passion and hard work. 

Oud oil is very pricy and sells at one and one-half times the price of gold. Hence, the Khalm Skincare product line is a luxury brand found in spas, resorts, and wellness settings. She wants the product line to be offered as part of a wellness/beauty experience. The line is available online and will not be found at retail chain stores. Expansion into the Gulf area is being explored.

In the meantime, Yasmin is a wife and mother who strives to show her daughters what a woman who looks like her can do. She is proud of her Pakistani heritage and appreciates diversity in all its many expressions.

Yasmin Khan is honored to serve on the IBA Membership Committee and looks forward to more opportunities coming her way!


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