IBA offers members the opportunity to market their products in the European Union and the UK in cooperation with BIORIUS, IBA’s partner for EU and UK registration and legal representation. In partnership with IBA, Biorus offers its services as your ‘Responsible Person’ and helps prepare your Product Information Files (PIFs), two requirements for importing products into the EU and the UK.

IBA members may, for an additional yearly program fee, utilize BIORIUS’s EU and UK addresses for product labeling, and Biorius will provide confidential, safe storage of your product files to be readily available to EU and UK authorities.

Members should be aware that compliance with all parts of the EU Cosmetic Regulation and UK Cosmetic Regulation is required, and noncompliance can result in fines, mandatory recalls, or prevention of future importation.

Contact IBA at info@independentbeauty.org for more information.

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