The Young Designers competition was established in 1999 to celebrate students' extraordinary talents and foster the creativity and innovation of future package design.

The competition encourages young talent by awarding the best design students around the country through their creativity and ingenuity.

The perfect opportunity for your student to build their portfolio!

Submissions should contain the 3-D package provided by IBA as the primary design element with the outside package being the secondary design element. The description of the product and promotional photos are also part of the submission. Students should choose their own materials. This should be an original brand and/or product name.

The final submission information will be provided at a later date via email to the faculty contact. Complete the entry form to register your campus and students.


Conceptualize + Design Product

Students will design the label and outer packaging of two container options, generously provided by our sponsor, East Hill Industries, LLC, that will become a personal care product such as: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, tanning lotion, hair gel, bath products, face moisturizer and more . . . use your imagination!

It is a simple program that does not require a lot of class time or instructions from you! Give your students the information and let them work on it!


Why students should enter

This competition is an excellent opportunity to grow as an artist and develop their art career. They benefit in a number of ways – exposure, creativity, and even self-confidence. This is a marketing exercise for your students in a real-world environment and can provide a promotional opportunity for their skill set. Gain substantial experience, showcase skills and analyze and evaluate the outcomes of the contest while uncovering their personal aptitude.

  • Provide your students with real-world experience in design
  • Help build their portfolio
  • Working on additional incentives for the school and student

“Thanks to this project, I grew tremendously as a designer and learned so much about the packaging industry. Touring facilities and meeting industry-experts helped me gain valuable insight into the field and how my package could have been adjusted for increased feasibility... I had the opportunity to meet amazing people in the world of design.” – Benjamin J Haver, 2020 ICMAD

– Benjamin J Haver, 2020 ICMAD Young Designer Winner